Not Another Traveling Restriction [Real ID]

Communities may be blind-sighted by the “Real ID”, a new requirement for travelling and visiting federal buildings, represented by a star on the ID. One of our tax & accounting customers was surprised when I confirmed that the new rule will apply to even us, everyday individuals. The rule will apply to those who have commercial and non-commericial driver’s licences, and to those who do not drive, having just an ID.

Born out of tighter security regulations post 9/11, the Real ID Act of 2005 will be federally enforced at the beginning of 2020.


✪ What you will not be able to do without a star on your driver’s license:

  • Enter federal buildings
  • Restricted inter-state travel by plane
  • Enter any military precinct


For NC Residents

To get the new license, simply apply in person at the DMV and bring:

  1. $5 Dollars
  2. A birth certificate or a social security card
  3. Any proof of residency including a utility bill, NC mailings (or current state), or any letter from the state that was mailed to your address.

And that’s it! You will have the all-anointed star on your ID!! You’ll now be able to enter federal facilities, military precincts, and travel within the US by air.

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🔗 Linked below are additional resources on renewing your ID and the original resources cited.


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NC DMV – Real ID:
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~ April 26th 2017

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