Accounting Spreadsheets

We have provided the following accounting spreadsheets for our PAS customers. Please note that if your business needs to track materials that are going into a product for sale and/or are directly being resold, we have provided a COGS – Cost of Goods section directly beneath the Income section.

*Note: This document is not intended to project tax calculations. It is an initial step toward gathering all necessary earnings and deductions for your particular scenario. However, there are many caveats that may or may not allow certain deductions. Your tax professional will be happy to explain further during preparation.

PAS Customer Spreadsheets

Please Read: These forms are in Excel format. In order to view/save these forms, you must have a copy of Microsoft Excel or other XLS editing software. Don’t have Excel? We have also provided a free Google Sheets version. You will need to have a free Google Account to store and edit the file for later use within your own Google Drive account.Get Microsoft Excel

Last Updated   Title
5-2017 PAS Basic Accounting Spreadsheet
Customer Spreadsheet File
Get Microsoft Excel
PAS Basic Accounting Spreadsheet
Customer Spreadsheet File
4-2019 PAS Mileage Chart
Customer log
Get Microsoft Excel
Once completed, print and fax your spreadsheet to the office fax line at (336) 722-4990.
Please call ahead beforehand so that we may confirm receipt.

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