Estimated Tax Payment Deadline- Jan 15

Q4 ES Tax Payment Due: January 15

For those who opted for quarterly estimated tax payments, the next payment due is January 15th. Be sure to have postmarked your quarterly payment obligation by this date.

You can pay online via the following link:


Or if you are mailing your payment:

Refer to your Estimated Tax payment schedule summary with the voucher(s) that were printed for you at the tax office. Simply call us if you need for us to reproduce this for you, or complete the following blank voucher:


Mail it to the following address by January 15:
Internal Revenue Service
P.O. Box 931100
Louisville, KY 40293-1100

Estimated Tax Quarterly Payment Schedule

QuarterDue Date
1st – January 1 – March 31 April 15
2nd – April 1 – May 31 June 15
3rd – June 1 – August 31 September 15
4th – September 1 – December 31 January 15 (of next year)
🔗 Click To Pay Online Via IRS Secure Website

For those of you wondering, “What are estimated tax payments?”

Maybe you were not one of the lucky few who had a refund last tax season but owed at the end of the year. This could be due to earnings outside of traditional withheld sources from W-2’s, like self-employment or 1099 contractual sources. Perhaps your withholdings did not reflect accurately upon your complete household scenario.

Quarterly tax payments are the estimated tax earnings for which you would be responsible, broken up into 4 parts, paid quarterly throughout the year. This should reduce the amount owed next Tax Season.
For additional forms not discussed, please visit the IRS website.

Again, to avoid penalties, postmark your mailed payment and ship via the appropriate deadline date outlined above. If paying electronically online, you have until 8pm on the deadline date to pay via the IRS Direct web service. 

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🔗 Linked below are additional resources and original articles cited.


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IRS Resource ~ When To Pay Estimated Tax (Individuals)
IRS Resource ~ Estimated Taxes

Assumptions made in this article include: You are a current PAS Tax, North Carolina residing customer; you are paying last quarter 2017 Federal Estimated tax voucher printed in our office.

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